Publisher VRAM
Vratislav Mlcoch

Brno, Czech republic
in Czech


If you are interested in, you can oder any of these books HERE.

O milování, srandování a života si užívání… or How to cure heavy illness by love, joy and happy living.

The book is filled with stories about men and their wifes of girl friends. How to get or loose them, how to live with them and how to love them for long period of time. And also how to cure serious illness and still be happy.  In the book there are illustrations made by the author. The book is in Czech only.

Panáček*3 or A True Witness from a Lady Panties is a book for ladies and gentlemen with big erotic fantasy.

The true story writen by a very little man with a big penis, living in his lady‘s panties. They both live in a modern city and live through many big adventures. As you can expect, the lady is beautiful and clever and the little man is in great love with her. The book is written in cultivated language without any vulgarisms so even a real lady can read and enjoy  it. The author makes illustrations, too. The book is in Czech only.

Rezatý pohádky o rezaté princezně a rezatým klukovi are for children who are not perfect.

Unusual fairy Tales about a real princess and the biggest urchin in a small kingdom. They are best friends and make really big mischiefs. Stories about a trip on a stolen locomotive, a duel in the castle armory, a flight in a hot air balloon, escape from a hungry dino and many other adventures you have never heard of before. The book is in Czech only.